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Rules & Codes of Conduct

     Regina Minor Football abides by the Canadian Amateur Football Rules and Regulations. As our site progresses, we will post information in this section for rules and regulations that apply specifically to the Regina Minor Football Association.

     Over the history of Regina Minor Football, weigh-in's and weight loss controversies have always plagued the league. After seeking medical and legal advice over numerous weight loss concerns, Regina Minor Football is taking action. Check out all the details contained in our Weigh-In Policy. 

     As a society, it is expected that people behave in a proper and civilized manner when at football functions. Common sense and respect for one another is expected. Players, coaches, parents, spectators, and volunteers are required to adhere to the codes of conduct outlined by RMF and Canadian Amateur Football.  Abuse of any type directed at participants, officials, or any persons working within the operations of the football environment will NOT be tolerated! RMF Game Day officials, along with referees, reserve the right to halt game play if severe infractions are observed. Removal of the offending person(s) from the facilities may be deemed necessary if the offense continues. Regina Minor Football appreciates your cooperation in making football an exciting, positive experience for everyone!

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1 1.0 Registrations
2 2.0 Fair Play (12 on 12 off)
3 3.0 Game Conduct
4 4.0 Atom Division Rules
5 5.0 Game Ejections
6 6.0 Team Practices
7 7.0 Fair Play
8 8.0 Kicking Rules
9 9.0 Social Media and Electronic Communication Policy

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