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RMF Playoff Game Tie-Breaker
When the score is tied at the end of the 4th period and it is necessary to declare a winner, the procedure to break the tie shall be the prerogative of the governing football association, with the consideration that the safety of the athlete is of prime importance.

Any such procedures shall be communicated in writing to both teams, and to the Referee, prior to the game in which the procedure may be used. In the event that no such regulations have been prepared, the following procedure shall be used:

The following tie-breaking system will be used when a game is tied after four periods. Amateur football playing rules apply with the following exceptions:

a) Immediately after the conclusion of the fourth quarter, officials will instruct both teams to retire to their respective areas. The officials will assemble at centre field and review the tie-breaking procedure.

b) The officials will escort captains to the centre of the field for the coin toss. Home team will call the coin toss. The winner of the toss shall choose one of the following options:

        (1) Offense or defense, with the offense at the opponents 35-yard line to start the first series.

        (2) Which end of the field shall be used for both series of that over time period.

c) The loser of the toss shall exercise the remaining option for the first extra period and shall have the first choice of the two options for subsequent even-numbered periods

d) Extra periods: An extra period shall consist of two series with Team A and Team B each putting the ball in play by a snap on or between the hash marks of the 35-yard line; which becomes the opponents 35-yard line. The snap shall be from midway between the hash marks on the 35-yard line, unless a different position on or between the hash marks is selected before being ready for play.

e) Team Series: Each team retains the ball during a series until it scores or fails to make a first down. The ball remains alive after a change of team possession until it is declared dead. However, Team A may not have a First-and-10, if it again possesses the ball after a change of team possession.

f) Scoring: The team scoring the greater number of points during the regulation and extra periods shall be declared the winner. There shall be an equal number of series, as defined in (e) above, in each extra period, except if team B scores during a period other than on the try for extra point(s). Example: On the first possession of a period Team A scores a touchdown. If the score is still tied after three extra series having been played by each team, any subsequent touchdown must be followed by a two-point conversion.

g) There shall be no team time-outs during overtime play.

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