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Paramedics (Medical Staff) Game Day Response
Regina Minor Football Medical Staff (Paramedics/First Responders)

Football is a contact sport and injuries do occur. The safety of all players is the number one concern of Regina Minor Football.

Regina Minor Football provides an Paramedic/First Responder at all league Regina games. The medical staff are provided with a First Aid Medical Kit at the games.

The duties of the Paramedic/First Responder are to:

  • Respond to all field injuries when the referee motions the coach onto the field when a player is down.
  • Assess the nature and extent of the injury.
  • Provide field level basic first aid.
  • Advise the coach if further medical assessment or treatment is required beyond basic first aid.
  • An ambulance is called when the injuries are assessed as requiring constant medical monitoring en route to the Emergency Department. The parent is responsible for the ambulance cost.
  • If transportation is by car, and the parent/responsible adult is not at the game, the coach will arrange proper transportation.
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