At what age should my child play football?

Children at an early age are attracted to competitive sport. Competition is not generally a problem unless too much emphasis is placed on winning. As long as the players are of relatively similar skill level, strength, age and stature, they can compete safely in football.

Your child should be encouraged to play football only when he/she exhibits an interest in doing so. As soon as the child can comprehend team play and wants to participate with a team, then a child is ready for football. Many young players benefit from playing flag football or touch football to learn football basics before moving into tackle contact football (see this link for info).

Review the specific age and weight requirements for each Atom, PeeWee, and Bantam division to ensure your child meets these parameters. These values are set for the safety of each player to minimize injuries. Our Board reviews these parameters to ensure they reflect the demographics of our players registering each year; the 10 year trend has remained consistent for players in each Division.

An understanding that it's "not always the size of the dog in the fight", but sometimes "the size of the fight in the dog", that prepares a child to either play touch, flag or tackle football.

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