Regina Minor Football



ge: Open to players aged 14 or 15 (Born in 2003, 2004). This is an All-star team selected from all players in South Sask.
Weight: No weight limit
Practices: U16 has 4 camps in May, June and July
Games: July 
Season: Mid-May to July
Football: Spalding Alpha J5V

Information for the 2018 U16 Program will be available in January.

RMF Under 16 History

Team South Saskatchewan (Under 16) is RMF’s elite program. Each year, several weekend tryout camps are held in May and June to select the best young football players in the southern part of the province to compete in an interprovincial competition. This opportunity provides a great challenge and learning experience to players who, for the most part, have most recently played Pee Wee or Bantam football. The program is a big jump for most of the players in many ways: level of competition, complexity of systems, time commitment, and intensity of preparation and film study. Participating with Team South Sask U16 is a great preparation for all young players who want to continue playing football in High School and beyond.  It is also is a stepping stone to earning a spot on Football Saskatchewan’s under 18 program which compete in the Football Canada Cup each year.

RMF initiated the Under 16 program to compete in the Red River Cup (hosted by Football Manitoba) in 2012. The team significantly elevated the level of competition and the quality of football immediately, winning the gold medal. Following the success of 2012, Saskatoon Minor Football also decided to field a team: Team North Saskatchewan. The RMF team continued to compete in the Red River Cup through 2014, but in 2015, RMF and Saskatoon Minor Football decided to not send their teams to Winnipeg, and to host their own competition. Two Winnipeg teams joined the two Saskatchewan teams for a round-robin competition. The Saskatchewan Roughriders sponsored what was called the Man/Sask Challenge. In 2016 Manitoba dropped to 1 team and BC sent a team to the Western Canada U16 Challenge in Regina and Saskatoon. In 2017 RMF U16 participated in the U16 Canada Cup West in Lethbridge, Alberta and will be going to London, Ontario for the Canada Cup U16 East in July 2018.

RMF Under 16 Past results:
Year            Head Coach         Competition                Result
2012           Ryan Hall              Red River Cup           Gold Medal
2013           Jeff Stusek            Red River Cup           Bronze Medal
2014           Jeff Stusek            Red River Cup           4th Place
2015           Jeff Stusek            Sask Roughriders      Gold Medal
                                                 Man/Sask Challenge  
2016          Campbell Antonini  Western Canada       Gold Medal
                                                  U16 Challenge
2017          Tim McFadden       Football Canada       Bronze Medal
                                                 U16 Regional 

Spring Standings
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