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Why should my child play football?

whyplayChildren play football because it's fun, challenging and exciting. Most kids love being part of a team. Football teaches cooperation and team work, helps develop positive social skills and teaches respect for others. It helps build self-confidence, a positive self image and self-worth. It enables a child to improve upon and develop a broad range of motor skills like throwing, catching, running, kicking, balance, agility and coordination. Because a large variety of skills and physical abilities are required on a football team, there is a position for every child to play.

There is also the possibility that their involvement in minor football could eventually lead to a career at the professional level. However, the odds are usually against than in favor---it depends on player ability, determination, discipline, committment, and searching for the right opportunities.  Some of our RMF Alumni have excelled at football and found careers in the CFL and NFL.

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