What are my responsibilities as a parent?

Be a positive supporter of your child and the team 
Acquire an understanding and appreciation for the game of football.  Check over the equipment on a regular basis and be aware of any defects/deficiencies in your child's equipment, and if any are found, bring it to the attention of the Coach or RMF Equipment Manager.  Ensure your child arrives at practices and games on time.  Do not force your child to play---the child must WANT to play football (talk to your Coach if your child becomes disinterested in playing).

The principles of Fair Play are:
  • Respect for the rules
  • Respect the coaches and officials and their decisions
  • Respect for your opponents
  • Giving everyone an equal chance to play
  • Maintaining your self-control at all times
By promoting these principles, by word and action, you will make football better for your child and for everyone!

Volunteer your Services
Usually every team requires help in some area of its operation to be a success.  Assess your interest, time and talents, and offer to assist.  Driving children to and from practices and games, working the sideline flag sticks, selling 50/50 tickets, keeping team statistics, fundraising, helping with the equipment or being the team trainer are some of the activities which will take some of the burden off of the Coach and allow him to spend more time coaching.

Provide the coach with helpful information pertaining to your child's personality, health and previous athletic experience, so he will understand your child better.

(Exerpts taken from Football Canada Brochure)

   Regina Minor Football (RMF)

    Our mailing address is:
    P.O. Box 932
    Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
    S4P 3B1

    Our office is located at:
    200 Assiniboine Ave E (Leibel Field)
    Phone: (306) 543-6606
    email: rmf@reginaminorfootball.ca

    Our Equipment Room is located at:
    200 Assiniboine Ave E (Leibel Field)
    Contact: rmfeq@sasktel.net


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