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When does the season start?

Mighty Mites start the second weekend in August.  Training camps for the other three divisions begin during the first week of August, and Regular League play will begin approximately two weeks later. Coaches will be in contact with players regarding exact times and practice field locations regarding training camp times (some coaches advise players at the time when they're handing out equipment).

NOTE: If you have not heard from your team coach by the first week of August, contact the RMF Office at 306-543-6606 to ask for your coach's phone number to get the practice information (you should have already received your information packet in the mail by the end of June).

Mighty Mites will finish the second last weekend in Sept.  Atom players will finish their Regular season by the end of September.  Pee Wee and Bantam players will be finished by the end of October.

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