Coaches Manual 2021

Symposium Agenda

Regina Minor Football is looking forward to another great season and would like to welcome you aboard.  Below is a list of forms and information you will need for the 2021 season.  Please review all forms (with your Team Personnel) and make sure you are familiar with their content.

1.  Registering yourself and your Team Personnel:

Anyone involved in your team operations must fulfill these 4 RMF requirements:

  • They must be registered with the RMF office (Deadline: July 26, 2021)
  • They must have a valid Criminal Record Check (CRC) dated 2019, 2020 or 2021.
  • They must have completed Safe Contact Training
  • They must complete and submit a Self-Disclosure Form

The following forms explain in further detail these requirements. 

** It is important for us to know who your Team Manager is asap. If you have someone in place already, complete the Managers Info Form and email into the office asap.

Head Coach or Manager submit your Team Personnel Package with all documentation to the RMF office by August 2, 2021.

2.  Equipment Room Schedule – Review and share with your Team Manager.  If you have any equipment fitting questions contact Kelly 306-533-2159

3.  Registration Info - 2021 Players Info Letter and 2021 Mighty Mites Info Letter.

4.  Release FormUsed for players who quit and for equipment tracking. Must be completed and forwarded to the office.

5.  Regina Minor Football Weigh in PolicyAll Coaches and your Manager should review this Policy. If you have any questions, please call the office.

6.  Registration/Weigh-In Information and Registration/Weigh-In Schedule  - Check your teams Registration date and time in August. You should attend with your Manager.  Your Manager will also be given more specific information regarding this.  Teams are not allowed to practice on their registration night.  

7.  Coaches Game Sheet 

These must be filled out completely, signed and handed into the Game Day Person at each game. You must list players numerically and all players must be accounted for. You must also indicate how you are rotating your extra players into the game. (See Fair Play Policy). You will receive a supply at Registration Night and Extra Game Sheets can also be obtained from the Game Day Staff at Leibel Field.  They can be done electronically, but you need to bring 3 copies to the game with you.

8.  Blood and Bodily Fluid Exposure Rules

9.  Concussion Management in Football   -   Concussion Documentation Tool Form 

10. Contact in Practice Policy Background  -  Contact in Practice Policy  

11. Injury Reports - These injury forms are used during practices and must be forwarded to the office or handed into Game Day Staff at Leibel.  Injuries that take place during games will be handled by RMF EMT's.

12. Review of RMF Policies and Rules

13. RMF Fair Play Policy 

14. 2021 Football Canada Rule Changes

15. Gateway Alliance

16. Coaches Timeline 

17. Mighty Mites Season Plan - Mighty Mites Play Book 

18. Coaches Certification

If you have further questions, please Len Antonini 535-4111, or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

Thank you for your cooperation and have fun. 

   Regina Minor Football (RMF)

    Our mailing address is:
    P.O. Box 932
    Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
    S4P 3B1

    Our office is located at:
    200 Assiniboine Ave E (Leibel Field)
    Phone: (306) 543-6606

    Our Equipment Room is located at:
    200 Assiniboine Ave E (Leibel Field)


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