The 2024 Mega 5050 is now online. Last year we gave away over $70,000.00, this year we hope to give away $100,000.00  Click here to Purchase a mega 500 with a credit card


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If You have a winning ticket send us a picture of the ticket to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (include your name and phone number) Then bring the ticket to Leibel Field in an envelope. During RMF games it can be dopped off at the 5050 booth at the Hamms' House overhead door in the RMF HQ building. If there are no games, the envelope can be placed in the locked red mail box out front of the Headquarters building. Your prize will be etransfered to you once we get the matching ticket.

Click here for the 2024 Gameday Schedule

Winning Ticket # for April 24th - RMF4-106444  Winner - Dan Erb  $850.00

Winning Ticket # for May 1st - RMF4-206238 Winner - Barry Rees $1032.50

Winning Ticket # for May 8th - RMF3-304719 Winner - Karen Thull $1085.00

Winning Ticket # for May 15th - RMF3-403212 Winner - Phil Duke $1762.50

Winning Ticket # for June 1st - RMF4 -510852 Winner - Curtis Sawisky $910.00

Winning Ticket # for July 3rd - RMF4-715578 Winner - Scott MacAulay $1090.00

Winning Ticket # for July 6th - RMF3-812929 Winner - Tanya Small $1200.00

Winning Ticket # for July 7th - RMF3-902864 Winner - Katrin Warman $1537.50

Winning Ticket # for July 10th - RMF4-1010960 Winner Emmarae Dale $2130.00

Winning Ticket # For July 13th - RMF2-1102577 Winner Tara Hayden $907.50