RMF Kelly Hamilton Scholarship
uofrsaskpolytechnicRegina Minor Football is offering a $5000 scholarship to an RMF Alumni student graduating from high school!

 rams logothunderThis scholarship is available for all football student athletes who will be:Regina Riot Football | Regina’s Elite Women’s Tackle Football Team  Registered to play for the Regina Rams , Regina Thunder, or Regina Riot  

The scholarship will be payable over 5 years, with $500 at the beginning of each semester, for a total of 10 semesters. All requirements must continue to be met. If not, the scholarship is forfeited for the remainder of the student athlete's eligibility.


Camps & Clinics will be posted as we become aware of them for our players to consider. Note: These camps are posted as a courtesy and are not necessarily endorsed by RMF, nor is RMF responsible or liable for the outcome or performance of camps or clinics not offered by RMF.

southsaskselectsSouth Sask Selects Information

Every day is a new opportunity to succeed! Regina Minor Football believes in helping children and youth develop into strong productive individuals within the community. In order to do that, we encourage people to help in a variety of roles.  If there is a special skill or ability you possess that you feel would benefit Regina Minor Football, feel free to drop us an email describing your talent! We may have an opportunity for you!  Email us at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Check out the following opportunities within the RMF:

Periodically, members of our board of directors fulfill their term and move onto other pursuits. If you are interested in being part of our Board of Directors, please check the current Board member listing for an open vacancy. A letter of request may be forwarded to the RMF Office for the current Board to review applicants requests to join the Board.

We are always looking for the best coaching staff for the various teams we have set up in our 3 divisions. If you are interested in learning to coach, check out our applications for Spring League and our Regular League timelines. Your experience can be useful in helping our players develop their football skills, and hopefully one day become professional league members!

The RMF has openings for field supervisors at the various games played throughout the football season. These positions are responsible for a variety of duties, including the operation of the 50/50 draw, enforcing the 'no sunflower seeds/nuts' rule at the fields, opening/closing of the fields, etc.  Because of the responsibility involved with this position, the RMF pays these people for their work. If you would like to be a Field Supervisor, please contact the RMF Office at (306) 543-6606, or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The RMF Game Day Officials ensure rule compliance with our "12-on-12-off" policy, as well as monitoring for any infractions onfield & during gameplay that are set by the RMF.  This is a very important position during the game and requires a person with good eyes and attention to detail during fast paced play-action.  This is a paid position and the RMF welcomes anyone able to fulfill this role. Please contact the RMF Office if you would enjoy being a Game Day Official!

We can always use game day staff willing to do timekeeping and scoreboard operations. If you want to get close to the action and be an integral part of the game, come on out and lend us a hand!  Please give the RMF Office a call or send us an email for express your interest. Thank you!

Are you a licensed and trained Emergency Medical Technician?  We would really enjoy having your skills onboard with us at the games throughout the season!  While we DO have an EMT at EVERY game, we would like to spread this responsibility across several first-responders. Because of other commitments, it can be a challenge to schedule EMTs and we would like to ensure this process goes as smooth as possible in the interest of our player's safety.  Please contact the RMF office to put your name and availability on our rotation roster.

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